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新加坡金沙华人娱乐场:How many daily limit? Ma see the supermarket giant resumption of trading can take advantage of hedge positions fund arbitrage

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内容摘要: Ma Huateng fancy supermarket giant Yonghui just released a notice, Tencent bought a 5% stake in the company, December 18 resumption of trad...

Ma Huateng fancy supermarket giant Yonghui just released a notice, Tencent bought a 5% stake in the company, December 18 resumption of trading.

Tencent give Yonghui Supermarket bring a few daily limit? 1, 2, or? Suspension of a limit before the Yonghui supermarket, December 18 can seal the daily limit?

from the A-share listed companies, retail, more than 1,100 billion market value of Suning Appliance is now the "King of Retail" A shares, Yonghui supermarket market capitalization of 93.6 billion yuan, if you want more than Suning Appliance also needs 2 Limit more daily limit. In addition, many Shigekura Yonghui supermarkets benefit greatly from the fund, especially the fund fund, but now go with the fund arbitrage, it is likely to have been "late."

Yonghui Supermarket how good?

On the evening of December 11, Yonghui Supermarket announced that Tencent will acquire 5% of the company's shares. On the afternoon of the 17th, the "Brief Statement of Changes in Equity" was released, which is the announcement of Tencent holding the license of Yonghui Supermarket.

Yonghui Supermarket Announcement: The actual controllers Zhang Xiansong and Zhang Xuanning intend to transfer 231 million shares, 248 million shares (ie 479 million shares or 5% of the total share capital) of the Company to Tencent , The transfer price respectively 2031000000 yuan and 2184000000 yuan.


In addition, Tencent also intends to increase the holding company of cloud-based subsidiary, to be made in the cloud after the completion of the capital increase of 15% of the shares.

The latest announcement also shows that Tencent no further holdings of the company's equity plan in the next 12 months, the actual controller Zhang Xuan Song, Zhang Xuanning plans to continue to reduce 0-1.7 billion shares of Wing Fai supermarket in the next 12 months. Yonghui supermarket shares resumed trading on December 18.

This transaction is obviously good for Yonghui Supermarket, for the company to introduce Jingdong After the investment 10%, another important strategic cooperation, because Jingdong's largest shareholder is also Tencent, the transaction means Yong Hui supermarket formally joined Tencent.

Several brokerages also released the analysis report, of which Tianfeng Securities Liu Zhangming think Yonghui supermarket was Tencent selected for three reasons: First, the current supermarket industry competition has extended from the front-end stores to the back-end supply chain, Wing Fai in the supply chain to build As early as the layout, in a fierce competition with a strong supply chain to calmly deal with. Second, Yonghui Supermarkets has always attached great importance to the outstanding management personnel. The partnership system + the horse racing mechanism + the equity incentive plan are all capable of generating strength. After the stimulation, the store operation will be replaced by a new one, which will greatly enhance the scale effect of the store. Thirdly, the expansion of front-end stores has entered an acceleration period. Although the competition in the supermarket industry is fierce, Yonghui still realized the contrarian expansion with the scale and profit model innovation.


In addition, the partner system is conducive to the quality and efficiency of the business. The shares of Wing Fai, is expected to accelerate the internal Yonghui landing new retail technology and promote the level of technology and data help Yonghui better intelligent upgrade. Maintain BUY Earnings Forecast . Currently, it has entered into a dual upward channel of revenue and profit. In the future, the value will be further promoted by the expansion of stores and endogenous growth. Q4 is expected to maintain its high growth.

Zhou Yu further analyzed from the revaluation of offline businesses. He believes that the new retail market is expected to improve the Tencent ecosystem and increase the turnover of Tencent's traffic. At the same time, it will promote its "de-centralization" strategy.

Tencent, Ali's new retail layout will also further promote the re-valuation of offline business value. It is expected that the layout of Tencent's new retail business will not be limited to the supermarket format. The following department stores, shopping malls, specialty chains and other fields will also be bound by equity interests as a tie-in with deep integration. With supply chain, logistics, intensive offline entrance / Business value of member resources will be revalued again. Maintain "Buy" rating.

5 supermarkets in China: 3 home owned Ali Tencent

After Tencent acquired a 5% stake in Yonghui Supermarket, the industry is still the most concerned about the competition between Ali and Tencent in the field of supermarkets.

Fund King found that among the top five fast-moving consumer goods chain stores in China (mainly supermarkets) in 2016, three of them have been taken part by Ali and Tencent.


China Chain Store \u0026 Franchise Association released official figures, China Resources Vanguard, RT-Mart, Wal-Mart China, Yonghui Supermarket Lianhua Supermarket and China ranked the top five FMCG chain sales, the amount of sales from 54.4 billion to 103.5 billion.

In addition to the central-owned enterprises VW Wan and foreign Wal-Mart, the other three giants and Ali or Tencent strategic cooperation.

RT-Mart and Lianhua Supermarket are Alibaba strategic stake in the fourth quarter of 2017 and the fourth quarter of 2016, which, RT parent company Gao Xin 36% of the shares were bought by retail Alibaba.

In terms of sales, Lianhua Supermarket and Darongfa under Ali are clearly ahead of Yonghui Supermarket, which is owned by Tencent. The total sales of Lianhua Supermarket and RT-Mart in 2016 reached more than 1330 billion yuan, surpassing the number one ranking of China Resources 10,000, while sales of Yonghui Supermarket only 54.4 billion.

But in essence, the market value of Yonghui Supermarket exceeds the sum of the market capitalization of RT-Mart parent company and Lianhua Supermarket.

RT-Mart's parent company, Gao Xin Retail, is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of HK $ 77.6bn, or about 66.5bn RMB. Lianhua Supermarket is also listed in Hong Kong, the latest market value of only 3.236 billion Hong Kong dollars, high retail and Lianhua Supermarket's market value of about 70 billion yuan.


And Yonghui supermarket company's market capitalization of 93.6 billion yuan, more than Ali, the sum of the market value of the two supermarkets.

From a big retail point of view, Alibaba also owns the Suning Cloud Business. The company achieved sales of more than RMB170 billion in 2016 and its current market capitalization is now 116.6 billion yuan, surpassing the current market capitalization of Yonghui Supermarket.


more than just funds significantly benefit

statistics show that as of 2017 three quarter, holding Yonghui supermarket Jijinduoda 73 public offering, shares of total net fund top ten are three power transformation facility, the new facility Blue Chip, China Unicom Research Featured, China Consumer ETF, Huitianfu Privately-run vitality, solid configuration of Bank of Communications, Everbright Belt and Road, on the rise of Morgan's new power and the new vitality of Bank of Communications.


Rongtong Fund Its top three products hold the Yonghui Supermarket, all of which hold 10% of the fund's net worth. Rongtong new blue-chip positions up to the end of the third quarter, the scale of up to 2.51 billion, the fund this year for the third consecutive quarters of the largest heavy warehouse are Yonghui Supermarket, and positions in about 10%.

There are several consumer industry index funds also hold more Yonghui supermarkets, most is the Huaxia Consumer ETF. The larger consumer ETF is the main consumer ETF of China Universal Securities.

The funds of these active equity funds and passive investment Yonghui Supermarket will benefit from this Tencent stake in Yonghui Supermarket. Earlier, there was already a daily limit for this stock rumor. Even if there is only one daily limit after the resumption of trading, Especially in the past few weeks the overall stock market environment is not very good, falling stock more circumstances.

It is generally estimated that the share purchase of Tencent will have a certain positive impact on the annual performance ranking of the fund of Evergreen Supermarket, which is owned by Rongtong, Huitianfu, Bank of Communications and other fund companies.

Arbitrage concerns for the market, if it is December 18, Yonghui Supermarket re-licensing fund arbitrage, it may have been "late."

On the one hand, Yonghui supermarket before the suspension has emerged a daily limit, and the other is due to December 18 to purchase funds, according to the December 18 closing price estimate, Yonghui Supermarket resumption of the first day of ups and downs have been Calculated into the future, then the possibility of continuing a number of daily limit is not great.





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